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Ana Maria Arruda Lana - Bresil
"Voices of the World" - My experience in the PCA International Forum is little comparing to many other people's. The first that I participated, in Brazil, was plenty of rich moments - especially for a new member of the community as I was at that time - both in acquiring and sharing knowledge as well as connecting to the people I met there. In 2015, in Romania, the Forum meant to me a genuine encounter of cultures and a strengthening of relationships. The last one, in Argentina, was a nice chance I had to show my work as a person-centred music therapist and a person interested in art as a way of expression of the self and connection to the others. In all three events we had informal and wonderful moments of making music and singing together. So the topic "Voices of the World" sounds perfect to me in all senses - joining our voices both to spread the word of the PCA community and also singing to celebrate life. I'm sure that we may have all conditions to repeat such rich moments in Paris-Dourdan 2019.
Antonio Coppe - Brasil
"Voices of the World" -
Cris Rocha - Brasil
"Voices of the World" - I just loved it! We are in a special moment that listen and to be listened are difficult day by day. So, this theme makes strong the difference between us, our different voices from the same world. It´s very beautiful and political and educational and social act. Let´s listen to each other. Let´s talk to each other. Let´s compose a symphony together!

Vera Alves - Brasil
"Voices of the World" - I think it was a happy choice for this theme. We are in a world moment where not everyone can make their voices heard. For me, the profession of psychologist, especially if executed in agreement with the PCA is to help people to express themselves and to fight for their voice to be heard. I think, I believe that being in a group of people practicing PCA around the world will help to express my own voice and maybe to have this voice heard! The experience of the last International Forum in Buenos Aires tells me that the experience that different voices, rather than expressed and heard, can be understood, is now extended to the preparations for the 2019 Forum in Paris. Voilà!

Lucas Baptista Albertoni - Brasil
"Voices of the World" - To live the challenge of trying to encounter ourselves with and among others is not a simple or superficial task: it involves effort and willingness to go further, break barriers and grow. Voices of the world represents the attempt of different people, from different cultures, with different perspectives, necessities and experiences to be heard, to share knowledge and to live one of the most profound and significant moments in life: a human encounter. My personal experience in PCA international meetings and forums has drastically changed my vision of the possibilities of relationship, personal communication and intercultural knowledge exchanging. I really believe in the purpose of these events and I am certainly looking forward to living the experience of the XV International Forum of the PCA in Dourdan, France, 2019.

Marcia Tassinari - Brasil
"Voices of the World" - I do like the theme of the forum, the voices of the world, which is really necessary nowadays with the great number of people not heard! We do need to be the voice of those unheard people through PCA works! - I think I become "addicted" to the International forums as I joined 12 out of 14 events. I just missed South Africa and Japan, unfortunately. When I ask myself what makes me organize my life (save money, arrange time and get university authorization) to join them, I realized that they are like an itinerant person-centered approach community where I recycle my ideas, I make good new friends, I meet old friends, I have an opportunity to present my work and to show the value of the Brazil's professionals are doing and thinking regarding PCA. They nourish me and I come back with more energy to deal with the life challenges. In a way, the forums offer a significative learning soil. Last but not least I do have fun dancing, singing and drinking with old pals! I hope the forum in France will confirm my preferences for joining it.