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Colin Lago - United Kingdom
"Voices of the World" - This is incredibly relevant to our world at this current time given the civil and political complexities facing us such as global warming, international relations, plastic domination (!), eco-conservation, power and powerlessness, gross inequalities in economics, technological developments outstripping ethical considerations and so on. And each of these societal issues and so many more will continue to impact all individuals, families and communities right around the world. The principles of the Person Centred Approach offer us a template through which to live and relate to each other and to small and large groups. The world today is more than ever profoundly interconnected, rendering the world's population as completely co-dependent and inter-related. The Forum theme: ‘Voices of the World' will provide participants with a central stimulating focus in which to reflect and consider the wide variety of issues facing us at this time, whatever identity, nationality, culture, orientation we originate from.

Suzanne Keys (United Kingdom)
"Voices of the World" - It reflects the core of what the PCA forum experience has been for me. It is a unique place to find my own voice and hear other different voices. Being in a large unstructured group with many different languages and groupings struggling to find ways to hear and be heard is challenging but vital not only for my ability to be in the world and in relationship but also for our shared world where dehumanisation, oppression and destruction of our environments is an everyday experience. There are so few places where we can have difficult encounters in a context of trying to be truthful to ourselves but also to hear another's truth in all its diversity. It is a rare space to explore our differences, power dynamics, inequalities and how these affect us individually and collectively. I hope that as many different voices of the world as possible can be heard and responded to here and that this can make a difference in the world we are all part of.