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Magda Draskoczy - Hungary
"Voices of the World" - Le thème du Forum exprime bien la diversité existante de ses participants et la liberté que nous avons tous de faire en sorte que notre voix soit entendue. La voix de chacun est à la fois ce qu'il y a plus personnel et de plus universel / Forum The topic of the Forum expresses well the diversity of the participants and the freedom of us, participants to make t our voices be heard, voices that are most personal and at the same time most universal.

Sandor Klein - Hungary
"Voices of the World" - After my 3 years training on the PCA with Chuck Devonshire in France in 1984 I organized a Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop in my university town, Szeged in Southern Hungary. The 300 people came from all over the world, Carl Rogers and the members of CSP (La Jolla, California) and other experienced and outstanding people from the PCA community had been the facilitators. We had a life changing experience: togetherness, joy, our own power… We had two more workshops in Szeged with Carl Rogers in 1986 and after a 25 year break, we have such meetings again every summer. The experience with people from different cultural backgrounds but the same person-centered attitude is every time heart warming and gives enough power and optimism for the coming year. I look forward to meet you in 2019 in France.