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Emanuela Ciciotti - Italy
"Voices of the World" - This is the first Forum I will attend in my life, and I'm so excited to live it. What I constantly experience in my life is that we can better ourself and our community when we share our experiences. And we really have to hear "voices of the world", not only "voices of our countries". In my experiences abroad with rogerian communities, I deeply understood that we had studied the same approach, but each national group expresses it in a peculiar way. Who correctly understood the meanings? Everyone. So our community can better itself only comparing these ways of express the approach, because the community is something more than the simple amount of its parts. Everytime I live an experience with 'Rogerians' from other Countries, I experience being part of a flow that will change me forever. And the most amazing thing is that, if I can't understand the language, when I stop feeling me incompetent I start experiencing the meanings of the person in front of me on my body: pure empathy. This is the why I thank the French friends for this opportunity and I hope to hear a large number of "voices of the world" next year.