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Florentina Palada - Romania
"Voices of the World" -
Georgeta Niculesu - Romania
"Voices of the World" -
Mihaela Teodorescu - Romania
"Voices of the World" -
Ozana Niţulescu - Romania
"Voices of the World" - There are so many noises in the world today that sometimes it can be hard to hear the voices. Voices spoken loudly or whispered, voices heard distinctly or muffled, voices sung and voices felt, small voices, large voices – each unique and meaningful, each offering the opportunity for contact, presence and actualisation. The Voices of the World are many, but an international forum opens a rarely trodden path to some of them, isolating their signal from most of the noise. It connects people from many parts of the Earth, from different cultures and backgrounds in a rich experience that reaches them theoretically, personally and socially. Like empathy, it is a bridging experience. As I have known it, the International Forum of the Person Centred Approach sounds like an A that helped me become more in tune with myself, with the world I live in, with other people and with the beliefs and theory I feel I belong to. It has helped me hear my own and others'voices clearer amongst all the noise.

Paul Diaconescu - Romania
"Voices of the World" - Les moments que je passe dans les rencontres internationales sont toujours difficiles et incroyables pour moi. Si loin de chez moi, c'est l'endroit qui me transforme le plus dans mon développement et mon auto-actualisation. Et c'est un endroit exceptionnel pour rencontrer des amis avec qui je suis sur la même longueur d'onde. / My time in international meetings is always difficult and amazing for me. It's the place that i found so far away and that moves me the most in my development, or self-expansion. And it's a great place to meet friends that are on my wave length