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Irina Yakimanskaia - Russia
"Voices of the World" - In my opinion, the two main problems of our world-is trust and security, people often take one for the other, confuse them, think that if there is trust, you can't decide not pay attention to security, but if there is security, trust appears automatically. I think we need to build trust and take care of security. Trust is built very slowly, through the fulfillment of promises, cooperation and mutual assistance, security is taken care of, carefully considering the risks to the world. These two works are important to do every day with yourself, with other people, the peace is not a gift, I'is a great job, our work.

Veniamin Kolpachnikov - Russia
"Voices of the World" - I consider the topic you have chosen for the Forum quite successful. It is broad enough and, therefore, enables to discuss and to share very broad number of important and actual issues and questions of the PCA in the modern world. Personal, interpersonal, professional, political an other. Besides, it sounds quite nice, poetically. So I support the topic.

Alexander Orlov - Russia
"Voices of the World" -