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Gay (Swenson) Barfield - Hawaii –USA
"Voices of the World" - The theme of this year conference brings me back deeply moving memories of the first international conference in 1978 in El Escorial, Spain. André de Peretti had arrived I La Jolla from Paris, to visit with Carl, I ating as his translator and co-catalyst / convenor, to envision among many of us at Center for Studies of the Person (Csp), a multi-nation 10 days workshop, to be co-facilitated by 8 different european/american male/female team members, with focus on politics. Among 126 attendees speaking 6 languages and with Carl as our catalyst, we worked together over the workshop collaboratively and intensively to understand each other across profound differences. It was at this event where Carl first spoke about, and wrote out by hand, his famous easter day statement on his definition of power in groups and democratic actions. All so needed in our world today. So, how much I now anticipate joining you all once again, being by then 83 years old, and/or anew in 2019 in Paris. Love.